Gokarna: Stay Salty

Pic clicked while trekking to OM beach

BUSY‘ is the over hyped word one probably uses most of the time.As a popular quote by Socrates goes “Beware the barrenness of a busy LIFE”

Beware the barrenness of a busy LIFE

LIFE is such a beautiful ‘feeling’ and we are entrusted with JUST ONE irrespective of caste, creed, religion and its purely in our hands to make it beautiful and substantial.

FYI this is not exactly a travel blog, I have basically written this to encapsulate the emotions I had underwent during this trip and pen down the unforgettable experiences I had πŸ™‚

Breaking the shackles of busy IT Life I decided to go on a trip to a Small temple town in Karnataka called Gokarna which boasts quaint, rustic and picturesque beaches and landscapes.
Gokarna isn’t much commercialized as compared to Goa, Pondicherry etc
My entire stay was on the beaches (Not much of the temple visiting kind of boy) and honestly visited the main town for just an hour in my 2-day travel for boarding the bus back to Bangalore!!
The charm of the place, the atmosphere around and people could be felt right from Kudle beach Auto stand.There is a certain Mystery to the place which is sensed as soon as you reach there and overflowing happy and joyous vibe all around.

It’s a 15min ride from Gokarna Checkpost to Kudle beach Stand which costed me 150 Rs.Well, it is fixed and non-negotiable so don’t even waste time bargaining the fare there!!

This was an abrupt and offhand trip , so the biggest task was to find a shelter above my head and to freshen up!! I went from 9 am to 1 pm from one shack to the other sweating terribly in the sultry humid scorching sun only to get a ‘SORRY’ or a blunt ‘NAI HAI Room’ response. (This was the Shivratri weekend! )

Finally, I was assured a stay in a cottage but was promised to be given at 5 pm. (Now keeping the tragedy and pain of finding the stay apart)

Back to the pristine calm and beautiful beaches of Gokarna.
Kudle mostly boasted of Foreigners of all ages and few Indian as compared to OM beach where the dominant crowd is that of Indians. From Kudle beach auto stand its a 10 min walk down the stairs which leads to the Kudle beach. The stairs are bustling always with great smiling faces crossing one’s path. I have to stay the foreigners here be it 50 or 60 in age walk tirelessly up and down the stair(Rugged, dusty trail basically which takes approx 10mins) numerous times a day!

Now FYI, it’s pretty normal if you and your backpack are randomly checked by patrolling police as mine was checked within 15mins of arriving at the auto stand!

The beach is beautiful and peaceful to look at. I quickly threw my bag pack to the sand and my t-shirt on it and ran directly into the comforting cool water.What a relief!! Words fall short and I can’t express the calmness and satisfaction I experienced within seconds of entering the water.

A ‘CALM’ and ‘SATISFIED’ soul/mind is the most difficult thing to get!! Deadly combination for a happy life πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I went a bit inside and stood in the water with open arms welcoming the waves to drench me from head to toe… An experience worth living!!
The trek to Om Beach from Kudle took some 20mins and the sun was killing me !! The beach here was relatively crowded and had much of localites from Gokarna town.The beach got its name from the resemblance to OM shape if seen from bird’s eye view. The beach water here was dirty and after enjoying in Kudle beach water I didn’t feel like entering the water here. So I walked along the shore barefooted with slippers in hand and appreciated the cool water gushing over the feet with each approaching wave.

OM beach has Jet-ski and boat ride option to see the half moon and paradise beach from a distance as the trekk is kind of tiring and the beaches are secluded (Yes the ferry ride will only show you those two beaches from a distance and also the lighthouse). Not to forget they even say Dolphin’s can be spotted if you are lucky!

The mild breeze during the ferry ride was the best along with calm and turquoise blue water.What a splendid view it was of endless water blending in the horizon and on the other side the beautiful beach with green patches and rusty boulders from which small paths have been forged.The place had a certain mystery and calmness in the air, still unexplored and preserved in its original form since the start of time.

Halfmoon beach and paradise beach are very small beaches and have almost no place to eat and stay(A single shack in Halfmoon beach only).I could from a distance see tents been put up for stay and had dominantly adventurous soul seeking to stay away from the rush and crowded life of OM and Kudle(I meant RELATIVELY !! ).Seeing the tents been put up I regretted my decision to put up in Kudle beach.But soon I pushed the thought away promising myself a return with a complete traveler’s mindset and would stay there camping in tents.

I have always wanted to sit by the water at night with waves gently brushing my feet, with a beer in one hand to get the right buzz under the dazzling star-studded sky and the comforting sea breeze making you loose all your tensions and frustrations. Honestly, I wanted to be in a place like that which had a handful people (you could literally count them on fingers).

I personally like less commercialized areas as it creates a perfectly serene and comforting environment(especially in holiday locations) for one to be completely lost in the train of thoughts.I wanted to sit by the shores(in a beach like Halfmoon or paradise as it had hardly any soul wandering in the daytime itself so imagine the night !!), looking towards the pitch dark horizon where the sea vanishes into the dark.
I just Hope to do it soon ! πŸ™‚ If anyone wants to accompany then most welcome!!:) I like traveling with new people and hearing their stories.

My journey didn’t go as expected but it was an experience to remember! (FYI the hot sultry weather spoilt the fun 😦 Β )
It’s best to visit this place from August-Feb. The best part of the trip was the good food which I had in famous cafes like CAFE 1987, cafe Ganga in Kudle beach and Namaste cafe in OM beach.I literally was on an eating spree all throughout the trip πŸ˜€

The place boasts foreigners as the major tourist who takes time off from their busy life and comes down here and stays for months away from the rush of city life(Goa is no doubt more happening but Gokarna is more calm, hidden and serene).It is the best form of rejuvenation and healing. The feeling of seeing the sun dip beneath the horizon from the hilltop ..watching the ocean with fresh ocean breeze brewing up a storm in my hair.. sleeping and waking up to the beating of waves against the shore and rocks and the impeccable smell of the sea…

Pic clicked from the Kudle hilltop where I was staying

Chilling with your loved ones under the dazzling night sky with moon dangling low and large is a feeling of a kind and I ‘crave’ for it in the city.Such breaks are much needed !! Far away from the polluted, busy and crowded (negative adjectives fall short) city, I found peace and happiness here.I strongly feel its time we realize greatly that life is given to us only once and it’s better to die with diverse memories and moments made in beautiful landscapes ..meeting new and interesting people from diverse land and travel the world.

Money is definitely important but not everything, In the end, I want to be rich with shit loads of memories of all kind and not ‘Money’!!!

And for those thinking of the HeadingΒ , It was Salty for me because of heavy sweating(blame the weather) and the water both!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



β€œA Gallant SOLDIER doesn’t fight because he despise’s what’s in front of him He FIGHTS bravely because he LOVES what he has left behind”

Okay! I am finally starting something I have just thought of, lying down after a sluggish and tiring day .All I hoped all these years was to do slog for something I am passionate of.

This being my very first blog and taking the current situation across the globe which threatens HUMANITY I choose a very sensitive and trivial topic to start my journey.

I am a deeply emotional person and have emotions attached with the slightest of incident and dive deep thinking of situations in life ,trying to feel the emotions by putting myself in other’s shoes.
The recent terrorist attack across the Globe has deprived the humanity of peace and love and continue to do so. URI attack, cross-border ceases fire violations In India, Paris attack, Orlando shooting in The U.S ( the list can go on sadly!) deeply shocks me and traumatizes me thinking of the bereaved families.

Imagine how difficult and testing it is for the families of Military and veterans. Just imagining the condition of army wives sleeping with a self-assurance that everything is fine and that she will meet her husband soon.

I personally had a chance to meet an Army wife who proudly exclaimed to be one.
“I feel extremely proud of my husband and so are my kids! We look up to him, but there isn’t a single day where I haven’t softly wept alone in darkness as his absence makes my life hollow. But I am happy for what he does for the country so that our kids have a bright secure future” said the Army officers wife with sparkling teary eyes.

Most of us are privileged, staying home with all the luxuries and good IT paying jobs flanked by expensive cars.
Our lives are so much secure and better off than theirs and what we do for our nation is insignificant compared to theirs.
Every breath we take in our country is because the police and army are staying up the whole night to make our nights comfortable and peaceful.

Imagine how difficult it is for a military wife to console a crying kid of hers assuring them their dad would be home soon? Imagine the mother of the military personnel dying to see her son who has risked his life for the country and their happiness.

Mind you these Officers and Military people have their life at stake every single second.

Military veterans stay away from most of the beautiful family moments. Not only do they miss birthdays and anniversaries many even miss the birth of their child!
There are many such officers who just wish to be next to their wives during such a precious moment and hold the new life and cuddle the kid close.

These are WISHES for few! Where they wait at a far of land abiding by the protocols and serving the nation with a brave face, but deep within a father’s heart cries for missing the prized moment.

I get goosebumps thinking of such sad moments for military families!!

Hats off to those mothers who send their Kids to the borders and in an alien land to make the world a peaceful place for all. Hats off to the wives who spend sleepless nights unlike most of us thinking and missing their husbands dearly with tears in their eyes.
Hats off to those kids who weep to sleep every night, missing being around their fathers.

Immense respect to all the army personnel who at the end of the day get emotional and cry their heart outs in solidarity.

“Am coming home, I am coming home … Tell the world I am coming home….” by producer Diddy wells up tears in every single national.
What a beautiful song I must say! It is sure to make the strongest have tears in their eyes!
It’s touching…

I wonder are we doing enough for the late soldier’s families? Are the kids and families secured financially enough to survive? Are the given the right amount of respect which they deserve!?

I am an ardent fan of Ellen De genres. I have seen episodes where she has beautifully surprised the kids and wives of veterans and showered them with Gifts. The joy of the families and kids captured on seeing their fathers walking out are truly priceless!

You ought to watch those episodes!! That’s Sheer happiness.

Holding your family and loved ones close in your arms is what we all wish for!! While most of us are lucky to do that every day and it’s all because of the mighty, strong hearted and strong-willed soldiers of our country.

The sad truth is people with high paying job with highly qualified degrees end up building a fortune while our dear soldiers are not at par with us!
I don’t feel we thank them enough!
I don’t think handing out 10-20lacs cash is enough for a martyrs’ family! There are times when those martyrs were sole bread earners.

We are asked to pray before our meal and thank god for the food. I feel it’s equally important for us to thank every day and pray for those beautiful souls out there in dire situations and terrain protecting our lives helping the revenue and business to flourish .Protecting the billionaires ,protecting those VIP’s and VVIp’s, protecting every Gov and Education institute and making our lives smooth.

We can never to do enough to appreciate those beautiful souls and can never echo the pain the families goes through every single day.

Those families are extraordinary and their sacrifices are unmatched.

Be it The President or The Prime Minister or any billionaire or a normal soul like me, we all (citizens) retreat every day peacefully because of these extraordinary souls.

I wish the wealthy shed some slack (agreed many do a lot) and GOV pitch more strongly to make these families not only economically stable but powerful and independent and recognized nationally.
A small contribution from even an average individual can truly help bereaved families and their kids.
We all owe to them!
We are deeply indebted and will remain forever!
Salute to them!
More strength to the families of veterans across the world!
Love to one and all! πŸ™‚